Early Bird before Apr.15

    Apr.15-May.20 Online Presentation
    Normal Full Paper USD 520 USD 550 USD 350
    Abstract USD 320 USD 350 USD 200
    Listener USD 280 USD 300 USD 150
    Students Full Paper USD 450 USD 480 USD 300
    Abstract USD 300 USD 320 USD 170
    Listener USD 250 USD 280 USD 130
      Additional Paper USD 320 USD 320 USD 320
      Additional Abstract USD 180 USD 180 USD 180
      Extra Page USD 50 USD 50 USD 50
      One Day Visit USD 100 USD 100 USD 100


    * For one full paper, the first Five pages are free. Extra page will be charged.
    * Required documents: 1. final paper with word and pdf; 2. signed copyright; 3. filled registration form; 4. scanned payment proof. Send the package to icmdm@sciei.org to finish the registration.
    * A copy of the student ID is required to register with the student rate.
    * USD, Euros and CNY are acceptable.
    * Registrations accompanying accepted papers must be received before the deadline and are non-refundable. If you register late, your paper may not be published on time.
    * Pay attention !! After you submitted all materials and finished registration process, your paper will be submitted to editors for re-modification and publication. If there are any problems, the conference secretary will mail or call you soon. Please check your mailbox usually and keep your cellphone available. If you cannot amend paper and feed back modified one before the deadline, publication will be cancelled without any refund.


    For Full Paper For Abstract For Listener


    How to pay?

    1.US Dollor
    Online Payment linkage (VISA/MASTER CARD)

    2. Bank Transfer or Pay Pal Account
    Details listed in the registration from or please send mail to icmdm@sciei.org for special requirements.


    How to get an invoice before paying?

    *If you need invoice letter to proceed payment, please provide types of participation.
    *Please provide a student card or an official letter on your institution/organization's letterhead which indicates proof of your status as a Student


    Information should be provided below:

    1. Paper ID:.
    2. Paper Ttile:
    3. The 2nd International Conference on Mechanical and Digital Manufacturing (ICMDM 2019)
    4. Bill to: (please indicate name of University / Institution / person)
    5. VAT number:
    6. Name of Participate:
    7. E-mail:
    8. Type: Presentation&Full Paper / Poster&Full Paper / Presenration&Abstract / Listener


    Official Receipt of the payment

    After the successful registration,official receipt will be issued in advance and you can get it onsite the conference.
    If you need the receipt before, the scanned version can be mailed via icmdm@sciei.org.


    Refund/Cancellation Policy
    If a registrant is unable to attend an event for any reason, they may substitute, by arrangement with the registrar, someone else of Co-authors or from the same institute/organization. Written requests for cancellations must be sent to Conference Secretary.

    Time How much will be charged
    Three months before the conference 30 USD will be charged
    Two months before the conference 30% of payment will be charged
    One months before the conference 50% of payment will be charged
    Less than one month before the conference NO REFUND

    Personal Reason
    In the event that the conference cannot be attended due to "personal reasons", the conference committees will not bear any responsibility, refund or pay any compensation. Such as travel difficulties, visa issues, health issues, financial issues, etc.

    Force Majeure
    If the conference is prevented or affected due to "force majeure" circumstances, the conference committees will not bear any responsibility, refund or pay any compensation.

    Situations that constitute "force majeure" include any event that we cannot foresee or avoid, even if we take all appropriate precautions. Such situations include fire, flood, explosion, storm or other weather damage, break-in, criminal damage, riot or civil disturbance, industrial behavior, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, war or threat of war, actual or threat of terror Activities, epidemics and all similar situations beyond our control.