Registration Files 

For Authors: 1. ICMDM2016reg-author.doc  2. TTP_Copyright.pdf

For Presenter or Listener: ICMDM2016reg-listener or presenter.doc 

Registration Fee

Categories  Early Birds
Before Oct. 10th, 2016 
Regular Registration
After Oct. 10th, 2016 
Authors (Students) and Committees  450 USD  480 USD 
Authors (Regular)  500 USD  530 USD 
Oral Presentation Only  300 USD  350 USD 
Listeners  250 USD  300 USD 
Additional Paper(s)  320 USD  350 USD 
Additional Page  70 USD / One Page  70 USD / One Page 
Extra Proceeding  80 USD / One Proceeding  80 USD / One Proceeding 
2-days Tour  150 USD / Per One  150 USD / Per One 

Important Notice 

1. One regular registration is within FOUR Pages(MSF) / SEVEN Pages (IJMMM) including all figures, tables, and references. Extra pages will be charged.
2. One regular registration with one or more additional papers get only one proceeding.
3. At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register.
4. Please send the required documents: a. final paper; b. signed copyright form; c. filled registration form; d. payment proof to to finish the registration.
5. Please note that the paid registration fee is nonrefundable if you can not participate in the conference.